Choosing the best coverage for you and your family is easy when you have the right agent.

Washington Homeowners with home insurance coverage

Home Insurance

At Key Harbor Insurance, our independent insurance agents make it easy for homeowners throughout Washington State to find homeowners insurance. We’ve already helped many proud homeowners in the state find affordable insurance coverage for their houses, and we’d like to help you, too. Here’s how our agents might be able to assist you.

Explaining Complex Coverages in Simple Terms

Homeowners insurance policies are made up of different coverage options, each of which is governed by unique terms and conditions. Some example coverage that you might find in policies include the following:

  • coverage for your house
  • coverage for other structures on your property
  • coverage for your personal possessions
  • liability coverage

When you contact our agents, they can explain each of these in detail. Since specifics vary from policy to policy, they can provide the most thorough explanations once you have a specific policy or two that you’re looking at.

Finding Affordable Policies

As Washington’s Insurance Commissioner explains, insurance companies consider many factors when calculating premiums. A few of the things they consider are:

  • your home’s construction
  • your credit history
  • your claims history
  • discounts you qualify for

Because insurers consider many different factors and weigh each factor differently, rates can vary significantly from one insurance company to the next.

At Key Harbor Insurance, our homeowners insurance agents can quickly get quotes from several different insurance companies for you. In just a few moments, they can have multiple quotes for you to compare. Each quote will include which specific coverages are provided by the policy, along with the premiums you’ll have to pay for the policy. Once you see them, our agents can go through each one with you to make sure you understand the differences.

To get in touch with one of our agents, contact us through our website. You can also call our office, but connecting online is the fastest and most convenient way to reach one of our independent insurance agents.